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Las Vegas Casino Theme Parties

 Casino parties are now one of the most popular types of entertainment for corporate parties, sales promotions, product launches, home parties, weddings, trade shows, birthday parties, and fundraisers. It's the perfect way to entertain prospects, clients, friends, family members, executives and employees that is friendly and easy to play. Allow us to show you the easy steps to entertain your guests.

 With over 20 years experience in the casino and event planning business Bay City Events brings many exciting years of experience to the tables. Our professional and experienced dealers will not only deal the cards but also instruct you on the rules of the game and show you the tricks of winning big! Our casino equipment is custom built for today's contemporary clientele with a well balance and high impact of the real Vegas Feel! With a roll of the dice, A spin of the wheel or a chance of 21 we bring Vegas Fun To Your Doorstep! Royal Casino Parties, A Casino Party With Elegance. casino games and casino party rentals

Casino Parties are for Entertainment Purposes Only! Chips carry no cash value

Vegas Style Tables




professional blackjack tables

Blackjack or 21 is one of the hottest games played in Las Vegas today! Guests play against the dealer in hopes to win with cards higher than the dealer without going over 21.  Blackjack tables feature a padded armrest, synthetic casino felts in full detail and color. A four-deck dealer shoe with cut and dis card. Fully pleated skirts that cover the entire table front and back. ABS chip trays with 11.5-gram denominated chips. Display sign with table limits. 

6' Long X 3.5' Wide X 36" Tall

Stand Up Play Only 

(Stools are additional cost)

(7 Players at one time, per table)


12' professional vegas style craps table

Craps looks like a very intimidating game just by looking at it ! but look out because our dealers will have you ready to play with the big guys in Las Vegas in just one night! Our guys love to teach this game and show you the best way to place your bets along with letting you know the rules and proper eticate while at the table. Craps tables features synthetic casino felts in full detail and color. Table capacity of 12 to 19 players at one time makes this game great for large guests counts. Fully pleated skirts that cover the entire table front and back. 13.5-gram chips.

 10' & 12' Long X 4.5' Wide X 32" Tall

Stand Up Play Only

We now offer Craps Bonus! We are the only Casino Company with this custom felt that is now played in Vegas Casinos. 

(12-19 Players at one time, per table)


Vegas style poker tables for Texas hold'em games

Let your guests be like the stars on TV just by adding a poker table to your party! just like you see on TV all the players are playing against each other in a showdown of hands for the mound of chips on the table! Bring your sun shades, put your hoodies on, and always play with a straight face while never showing any weakness. Our poker tables make a great way for your guests to mengle as they get to know one another. Poker tables feature a padded armrest, synthetic casino felts in full detail and color. Poker tables seat 9 players comfortably. 11.5-gram chips, Dealer Button, and Copag Playing Cards. casino party rentals

7' Long Table X 42" Wide X 28" Tall

Sit-down Play Only

 (Chairs Are Additional Cost)

(9 Players at one time, per table)


A 4 Casino Table party, Roulette, Craps, Blackjack

Roulette is the all time favorite game  that is easy to play for all ages. Simple enough for all guests to enjoy. Place a bet the dealer will spin the wheel and see if your number, color, high or low bet wins! Roulette tables features synthetic casino felts in full detail and color. A single "0" and double "00" American Wheel. Fully pleated skirts that cover the entire table front and back. 13.5-gram chips. Display sign with table limits.

8' & 6' Long Tables X 3.5' Wide X 36" Tall

Stand Up Play Only

 (Stools are additional cost)

19/25/36" Roulette Wheels Available

(9 Players at one time, per table)


Casino Money Wheel and Table

If you have guests that don't understand all the other games then The Money Wheel is the game that you must have at your party. Players place a bet on any given number and if it hits on the big wheel then you win that number times your bet! it's that simple!  Money Wheel and table feature synthetic casino felts in full detail and color. 11.5-gram chips. Fully pleated skirts that cover the entire table front and back.

6' Long Table X 3.5' Wide X 28" Tall

Stand Up Play Only 

(Stools are additional cost) 

(7-8 Players at one time, per table)


Texas Hold'em Bonus Table by Bay City Events

All other tables we have in stock

  • Texas Hold'em Bonus
  • Casino War
  • Blackjack Switch
  • Pai Gow
  • Let It Ride
  • Three Card Poker
  • Double Roulette Tables

casino decor & props


casino decor roulette arch entry way

Giant Roulette Arch, perfect for the main entrance to a casino room or area or place it over a bar for that great Vegas feel. casino party rentals

This unit measures approximately 15' Long X 10' Tall so a large room is needed. This works great for Hotel Ballroom Entrances. Our optional LED lighting system will have this décor piece shinning up your entry.


welcome to las vegas sign theme décor rentals

This great replica of the Famous Vegas Landmark can invite your guests to a great feel of being in Las Vegas. This Vegas sign is approximately 10' tall x 8.5' Wide. The sign does light up and the center is backlit as well. Just another way to bring Vegas To Your Doorstep! 

We are the only casino company to offer this fantastic sign!

(For indoor use only, Power is required)


Las vegas décor, vegas backdrop

 Get the true feeling of Las Vegas with this great backdrop of the Old Las Vegas Strip! This backdrop measures approximately 35' Long X 10' High so putting it in a tight spot won’t work as it requires a large venue. Our optional LED lights will light this backdrop and bring out it's true colors and flare! Great for any casino event. 

(For indoors use only, LED Lights Additional)


red carpet entry with gold stanchions

Rent a Red Carpet for your special event, set this as a path to the casino area and all your guests will feel like Royalty! or make this the pathway to the Photo Booth or a step and repeat spot and let your guests shine like stars. Perfect for any casino party rentals and casino games.

4' wide -x- 10'/20'/30'/40'/50' lengths

(custom sizes are available with advance notice)

(we also have Royal Blue Runners too)


Giant white decor dice, Party Rentals

These large dice make great entrance centerpieces for any casino event. They measure 24" X 24" X 24" and come in a set of two. Our optional LED lighting system makes them seem as they are moving like rolling dice on a craps table.


room ambient lighting, up-lights, monograms, gobos, and spot lights

Gobo lights create dramatic effects on walls, sidewalks - even sides of buildings! Choose your preferred look from our stock of hundreds of standard gobo images, or create your own custom gobo lighting with logos... signs... even monograms or photos for your own special custom event gobo. (custom gobos are additional cost) Perfect for all casino party rentals

(Power is required)

Poker Tables for Tournaments and Rentals


Poker Tournaments

Poker Tournaments, fundraisers or No Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament is the easiest and most profitable way to raise money for your non-profit charity. The rules are simple as you would need to obtain the proper licensing and you are on your way. Follow the links from above to download the proper paperwork. Next, choose a date, location and invite your guests to your amazing poker night! We handle the rest


A Note from the CEO

Experience is the key for success and we would like to share our expertise with you. Making your tournament a success is up to the casino company you have run it. We know that you have many choices in Casino Companies in the Bay Area and we would like to make your decision for that perfect casino company easier and effortless.

We have made poker tournaments our full-time business because we know that producing tournaments on the weekends and having a couple of tables in a "STORAGE" Unit is not going to cut it in this high demand specialty. We house all our casino equipment in our 3,000 square foot warehouse that you can come and visit anytime as many of our clientele have done. Seeing is believing and we invite you to come and see for yourself. Give us a call and set an appointment (408) 213-0904 or e-mail us at Please do not trust your tournament to an amateur that thinks he knows only because he plays with his buddies at home and its sounds like a good way to make a little side money and that wants to give you a good deal but you can't see a web-site or visit their warehouse! 

We are registered with the state gaming control (DOJ), Fully Licensed, insured ($2M Policy), and come highly recommended by many high-tech companies and celebrity poker players. It's is very important that you know the State of California rules of a fundraiser poker tournament and we will walk you through all the details. 

Gaining your trust is what we intend to do as we understand how important your event is. We are here for the long run and we welcome your e-mail's and phone calls. Here is my personal cell number (408) 849-1050 and yes, I am the CEO of Bay City Events/Royal Casino Parties, call me and I will walk you through a successful poker tournament whether it be a fundraiser or private event. I look forward to seeing you at your casino party.

Manny Ramirez,


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We provide everything for your poker tournament.

  • Oval Shaped Poker Tables
  • Professional Certified Dealers
  • Tournament Director
  • Staff & Chip Runners
  • Copeg Poker Cards
  • Denominated Chips
  • Players Seat Cards
  • Large TV Monitor on Stand
  • or Large Video Projector
  • Sound System & Wireless Mic
  • Final Table Seat Cards

event floor plans and layouts by bay city events inc


Casino Room Layouts & Floor Designs

All parties and events have different floor plans and room digrams and we would like to share our professional knowledge of how we can assist you in designing the layout and or floor plan of your event. We use the latest technology floor planning software that the market has to offer just like they use in conventions and hotels today. Our software is specialized and customized with all of our casino table dimensions and styles. As we start the planning for your party we can go over all the details, dimentions of the room and all the great entertainment that you have selected from our web-site we can start building. We can go over the perfect place for the Bars, Food, Band or DJ, the Stage and of course all the casino tables that you have selected. BCE has most Hotel and Convention Centers already set in our systems to make things run smooth. Let us know if you need a diagram or floor plan and we will be on our way to plan your party.

If you would like us to design a floor plan fax or email your room dimensions to your casino manager for review. It is our expertise to design the best possible casino floor plan that will allow for optimal casino experience for all your guests. Casino tables do not work well up against walls or on the outside perimeters of a room. BCE utilizes a Pit Diagram just like you see in Las Vegas casinos today.

For your special gaming experience we provide all casino tables with professional Dealers, a Pit Boss and/or a Casino Manager, along with all the necessary accessories for each casino table, chips, cards, skirts, dice, table signs, delivery, set up, and tear down all bundled up for lots of fun filled casino style gambling. We also offer FREE of charge: Funny Money, Raffle Tickets, Raffle Drum, and High Tally Script Cards and we never charge for skirts or custom scrip cards.


*Room Viewer® Software.  Room Viewer can automatically create crescent style seating for rounds, display maximum seating and it is intuitive and simple to use. Room Viewer can lay out unique event spaces while avoiding obstacles and staying within the space and can chevron sets with one keystroke.

(* Room Viewer is a trademark product and name. BCE is not is not associated with this product nor sell or rent  this product)