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LED Uplighting is a type of special lighting fixtures that can be used to project colorful splash of lights onto your venue walls, columns or other areas of a room to create a colorful wash in your venue. LED Uplighting can dramatically change the mood of your  entire event with just the change of color or texture on the perimeters of any venue room. Room LED Uplighting is the most cost affective way to truly customize your special day.

Lighting options



This type of lighting will be used up against walls, pillars, columns, indoors or outdoors. Our uplighting systems are Wireless L.E.D technology and under normal conditions will last up to 15 Hours +, Chose one color or have different colors to really make your room sparkle, we can also have your lighting on a static mode, color changing mode, flashing, or in a fade in and out mode. Are units are all wireless so you will have a very clean look rather that having wires tape to the ground going across your room.



 A Gobo is a stainless steel disc with your design that is put into a lighting projector and projected. Gobos can be made from steel or glass, and come in a variety of sizes. Gobos are a great way to project your name or custom image on any wall or floor

One of the latest trends for weddings and special events is the Gobo, also referred to as monogram lighting, (or gobo projector) that projects crisp, clear and detailed imagery to illuminate visual displays on walls, floors, backdrops, and almost any scenic surface through the use of crystal-sharp color filters.


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Monograms are a fun way of showing off your art talent side of you. We can design a custom monogram for you and project it at your special event. Monogram is two or three letter interwoven to combine in a decorative design for any special event including weddings and sweet 16's. Logos of any company projected on a wall or dance floor will really give your event that special touch.