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Bay Area DJ Service | DJ Manny R

Booking the perfect DJ Entertainer for your special event can truly be the difference between getting a base hit or a grand-slam home run. With Bay City Events it’s always a "Grand Slam, Home Run" 

Our DJ's will take the time to make sure that the sound logistics, music selection, lighting, and entertainment we provide for your special event is not only on time, on budget, and on target but exceeds all of your expectations. You can feel confident that our DJ's will be experienced with years of DJ services, professional, energetic and will take every precaution to custom tailor your special event; but also, to leave your guests with an absolutely memorable and thrilling experience that they will remember year after year.

Whether you are planning a Wedding Ceremony and/or Reception, Birthday Party, Anniversary, Corporate Event, or just need a DJ to play music BCE is here for you. While our experience takes us back to 1985, we are continuously focusing on keeping everything up to date with today's contemporary music demands and growing technology in today's musical platforms. From the past days of "Technics Turntables" and 12" vinyl records to today's MP3 and Laptop formats we keep our inventory fresh and up to date including our new L.E.D lighting systems, moving heads and room ambient up lights.

As DJ's we play music to keep your guests on the dance floor for as long as possible. Keeping a good music tempo to keep your guests dancing is the ultimate goal for any party or event but it is also important to keep a good beat mix going so that there is no dead air in-between songs. It is always good to change the type of music that you are playing but it’s not good to abruptly play the next song (it makes your guest leave the dance floor in confusion)

So if you are looking for a DJ that not only has s great sound system and also has a no-cheesy mic technic that will play the music that everyone can dance to, then we are a perfect fit for your special event. Give us a call or drop us an email, Pia will take care of your request and set you up with one of our available DJ's. See you on the dance floor!

Providing DJ Music For

  • SWEET 16

Sound Equipment List

  • QSC K 12.2 Powered Speakers
  • QSC K W181 Powered Subs
  • Numark NS7iii Controller
  • MacBook Pro Laptop - Main
  • Serato DJ Software
  • EAW Speakers
  • Numark NS7 - Back-up
  • MacBook w/Serato - Back-up
  • Sennheiser wireless mics
  • Sure SLX2 wireless mics
  • Yamaha MG10XU Mixers

DJ for wedding ceremonies

dj for wedding ceremonies

Wedding Ceremony Music & Equipment

Music and sound equipment is a crucial part of your wedding day just the same as the Flowers and the Food you have selected.  The music playing while your guests are arriving is very important to set the mood just right. During the meeting with your DJ he or she will share all the music options and details of the sound requirements along with all the wireless microphones you will need.

Bay City Events will do everything in our power to provide you with perfect music and professional sound equipment to make your ceremony run smooth and worry free, Here is what you can expect from our staff for your special day.

  • Guests Arrival, Seating, Possessional, and Recessional Music
  • 1 Wireless Microphones (Handheld or Lapel/Lavalier Styles) for Officiant 
  • 1 Wireless Microphone Lapel/Lavalier for Bride (OPTIONAL) if applicable
  • 1 Wireless Microphone Lapel/Lavalier for Groom (OPTIONAL) if applicable
  • OPTIONAL: Singer/Reader Microphone
  • OPTIONAL: Performer/Musician Wireless Unit
  • 2 QCS Powered Speakers on Stands (additional speakers for surround sound can be added at additional coast)
  • 1 - 4 Channel Mixing Board
  • 1 Work Station Box & Table
  • 1 Low-Key Umbrella (This is required if out doors in the sun)
  • 1 DJ + 1 assistant (assistant will line up all the bridal party for entry down the Aisle along with letting the DJ know when to play the music for the bridal party entry and the Brides entry to walk down the Aisle. He or she will assist in all timelines and que points)
  • 2 Handheld Radios (for communication between team staff for start of ceremony)
  • All the paper work for timelines, songs, names, announcements, and requirements 

Special Add-Ons For Ceremonies

  • White Dove Release
  • Butterfly Release
  • White Aisle Runner + Customized
  • Red Aisle Runners + Gold Stanchion
  • Surround Sound System add-on
  • Arch Rentals with Flower Décor
  • Live Ceremony Music
  • Chair Rentals
  • Tent Rentals
  • Large Umbrellas
  • White Aisle Columns + L.E.D
  • Lawn Games, Connect 4, Dominos
  • Video Streaming & Programing
  • Stage and/or Risers
  • Pin Spot Lighting (L.E.D)
  • Flowers and Centerpieces
  • Table Linens and Runners
  • Wireless Microphones & Speakers
  • Generator Rentals
  • Toll Boys or Cocktail Tables
  • Wireless Light Up Cocktail Tables
  • Portable Bars & Bar Supplies
  • and more

DJ for wedding receptions

DJ for wedding receptions

DJ Music for Wedding Reception

Music at your Wedding Reception is just as important as the cake you have selected and with that they should both look good and leave a great taste in everyone's mouth. Once your DJ contacts you he or she will go over all the details about your wedding day and they will provide you with all the appropriate paper work to be filled out by both the bride and the groom. At your first meeting your DJ will gather all the names of the bridal party and go over the proper pronunciation of each party's name. He or she will be sure to go over all time lines and important announcements to be made by the MC/DJ. 

Your Bay City Events DJ will Introduce the Musical Highlights at Your Reception and Sequence of Events. The following is a condense version of what takes place at a wedding reception.

Dinner Music:

While the guests arrive, we are playing either a light, popular jazz, classical, or a light, rock-soul and oldies mix. Because your guests are spending this time conversing with friends and relatives that they may have not see in a while, we try to keep the music low-key and our volumes unobtrusive. 

Bride and Groom Arrive:

Usually the photographer will take the bridal party for pictures after the ceremony. After the photographer has completed his photo session with the bride and groom at the reception hall, your entertainer will line the bridal party up for proper introduction. 

Bridal Party Introductions:

Prior to the day of your reception, you will have had the opportunity to meet with your entertainer to discuss the proper name pronunciation of your bridal party attendants, and the proper placement of these attendants within the order of introduction. Once at the function hall your entertainer will line your attendants according to what had been discussed prior to the wedding day. As your attendants make their way into the function room, it may have been decided that they form a receiving line, or go to the head table.

Receiving Line:

In most receptions the receiving line is done at the church as the guests leave, but this can also be done in conjunction with the introductions or alone. The bride, groom, and parents will line up and greet the guests as they go through the line. This is a great time to say "thank you" to all of your guests for attending your special day. Blessing Once your bridal party attendants are at the head table, your entertainer will ask a guest (someone selected prior to reception - parent, friend, grandparent, uncle, priest, etc.) by name to say the blessing. Once the blessing is complete, your entertainer will now draw the attention to the person who is proposing the toast. 


The best man usually does this before dinner is served or just as the salad is served. We will announce the toast several minutes before it happens to insure that all of the guests have a full glass. Option of toast timing: It's is our professional experience that the toast to the Bride & Groom be done before dinner is served, Why you ask? Take a moment to think of the perfectly set tables and all the surroundings, while the toast is happening the photographer and Videographer are taking pictures/video of the person giving the toast and they are usually standing by the Bride & Groom at the head table, Now if they take these photos/videos after dinner you will see messy food plates, dinner napkins, drinks, and usually the guys will have their tux coats off hanging behind their chairs, now all this will be in disarray and messy looking in all the photos/videos that the Bride and Groom will most likely not like. Now.. if all this is done prior to dinner everything is nice and tidy perfect for pictures and videos that the Bride and Groom will love! 

First Dance:

The bride and groom select this song prior to their wedding date. This song should be well thought out, and define something special about the two of you. This dance can take place after dinner, or it may have taken place when the bride and groom were introduced for the grand entry. 

Parents Dances: 

Father Daughter Dance & Mother Son Dance

After the bride and groom have danced their first dance as husband and wife, they may want to dance with their parents. If these dances are occurring the bride will first dance with her father, and then the groom will follow by escorting his mother to the dance floor for their special dance together. At times their have been instances where someone else has danced in the place of either parent. 

Wedding Party Dance:

Once the parent's dance has been completed, the bride and groom may want to have the entire wedding party come to the dance floor for the wedding party dance. This dance can also take place during the bride and groom's first dance, where the bride and groom's first dance will be split 50/50, and the wedding party will be asked to join our bride and groom on the dance floor. 

Cake Cutting:

This takes place before the Bouquet & Garter Toss. Your music selections for the cake cutting can either be background music or traditional (That's Amore). We will coordinate with your photographer to when is the proper time to begin the music for this traditional moment, and some entertainer's will ask your guests to gather around for pictures at this time, but at Bay City Events we have learned that this is not the best way to approach family/friends photo opportunities because it will interfere with your photographer's performance, and he/she may lose those perfect shots that he/she was paid to get. 

Bouquet and Garter Toss:

At this moment your entertainer will ask the bride and groom to make their way to the dance floor for the Bouquet & Garter toss. Your photographer will probably pose you prior to the music beginning for this event. Once the groom has removed the garter your entertainer will ask for all single ladies to please make their way to the dance floor, so that our bride may toss her bouquet. Once we have a recipient of the bouquet it is time for the groom to toss the garter. Once we have the recipient's of the bouquet & garter, it is time for us to have a little fun!!! Don't worry it will be done tastefully, and we will use the best discretion, if a younger guest catches either the garter or bouquet. If a young guest is found to be the recipient, your entertainer will just ask for the recipients to pose with the bride and groom, and in this case also we are always open for suggestions and ideas. 

Anniversary Dance: (Optional) 

Now it's time to give something to a very special married couple

This is a special dance that has been done in many ways. The way we like to do this is we invite the bride and groom to the dance floor, and in doing so we also invite all of the married couples in attendance to join the bride and groom on the dance floor. Once every married couple is dancing to a slow song we ask for anyone who has been married for one day or less (usually it's the bride and groom, unless one of your guests got married that day & we didn't know about it!!) to please make their way to the side of the dance floor, so that we may form a circle around the dance floor with other guests who will soon be eliminated. Other guest's will be eliminated by five year intervals, until we end up with the couple that has been married the longest, and then we ask the bride and groom to join this couple. A nice touch to this dance is have the bride and groom present the couple with a roses and bottle of champagne (the bride and groom may know who this couple will be through their invitations)(Bay City Events will provide the Rose & Bottle of champagne). 

Centerpiece Giveaway: (Optional)

The centerpiece giveaway may be approached in many different variations. Please note that not at all receptions are we able to give away the centerpieces. Sometimes the centerpieces are property of your florist, or catering facility. 

Let's dance:

After the formal dances have been completed, we will invite everyone to join in on the dance floor. In the beginning of the reception, we usually play a lot of popular music to get everyone involved in dancing, usually a mix of oldies works best, but we are always open to requests and suggestions. A list of your ideas and suggestions usually works best, as we are not only interested in what you would like to have played, we are also interested in the songs that you do not want to hear, but please take into consideration the music preferences of your guests when eliminating song titles. 

Back to Dancing and Group Dances: (Optional)

As the reception progresses, so will the music that will appeal toward the bride and groom's friends. However, we still mix in a few popular oldies to keep everyone involved. If requested your DJ will teach and play songs that will be good for everyone to enjoy, like the all time favorite "Electric Slide" along with many other group dance songs such as

  • Get Down Tonight
  • Step In The Name of Love
  • Electric Slide
  • Cha Cha Slide
  • The Hustle
  • YMCA
  • Conga Line
  • Dollar Wine Dance
  • Cotton Eye Joe
  • Do Si Do
  • Hokey Pokey
  • The Chicken Dance
  • Macarena
  • The Cupid Shuffle
  • Watch Me (Whip it/Nae Nae)
  • The Wobble
  • Teach Me How To Dougie
  • The Twist
  • Horah
  • The Hustle
  • The Time Warp
  • and more ...

Bride and Groom Farewell Dance:

Prior to this dance your entertainer will ask all guests to form a circle around the dance floor for which our bride and groom can dance within. A wireless microphone will be passed around the circle and each guest will have approximately 15/20 seconds to say a few nice words to the new couple. We can close this dance by forming a tunnel of guests for the bride and groom to exit the reception from, or we can close the circle, and have the guests give the bride and groom a great big hug from all of their friends and family. Thank you for choosing Bay City Events for your Wedding Reception. 

DJ Manny R

DJ Manny would love to play the music at your wedding ceremony & Reception. He will provide 2 small powered speakers and set them in a place so that they do not interfere with your wedding pictures. Once we sit down to go over all the details like times, music, and microphone requirements we are soon on our way to a fabulous ceremony.

Now it's time to Party! well not yet let's get all the formalities done first. For the past 30 years Manny has provided DJ services for hundreds of Bay Area Brides and Grooms. With his passion for music and experience in Wedding coordination he will make sure your Wedding Day is a memorable day that  you and your guests will be talking about for years after. Manny has a no-cheesy mic technic that will be pleasing to the ear while making all the appropriate announcements and grand entry of the Bride and Groom. He offers a 6 page Wedding coordination packet that will include all his Brides and Grooms to sit together and fill out while having a great time talking about the music they grew up with and what they as a couple love to hear on their Wedding day. Manny loves DJing Weddings and would love to sit with you to go over all the details about your special day. 

   --Bay City Events, DJ Manny R